[More Than Food]


[Find a regional flavor here with our locally sourced ingredients and honored cultural dishes. Come for a rich experience around our tables.]


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Our Story


[We welcome all at our tables, where countless people have gathered to share an unforgettable meal. ]


[Grilled Fillet]

[A smokey grilled fillet always fresh, delivered daily directly from local fishermen, served on a bed of cranberry rice and spinach topped with an apple relish.  ]


[Stuffed Chicken]

[ Stuffed with fois gras and herbs, and served with pomme purree. ]


[King Crab]

[Succulent king crab served with miso garlic butter sauce and risotto.]


What People are Saying

[“A Great Find”]

[“They have become the most unique and satisfying dining experience in town.”


[“Fabulous food & flawless service”]

[“There’s no better place to share a meal with friends or even find some new ones.


[“Another successful experience”]

[“Cultural classics are not treated flippantly, but honored and offered to a new generation.”



[“There’s no meal or dish that’s out of place.”

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